Facebook Store

Last updated 7 months ago

Your online ordering website can easily be integrated into your Facebook page as a tab. Unfortunately, these tabs are only available in browser versions of Facebook. That means it won't work on for users on their mobile phone Facebook app.

You can see a demo by visiting our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cloudwaitress and pressing the "Demo Store" tab.

How To Setup Your Facebook Store

Create a Facebook Developer App

Start by visiting https://developers.facebook.com. If you are not already signed into Facebook, you can sign in with your regular Facebook account.

Once done, select the "My Apps" button on the top right and select "create new app".

Enter your business name for your app name along with your email address and press create.

Create a Facebook Page Tab

After creating the app, you will be taken to the app dashboard. On the left menu, select "Settings".

On the settings page, press the button on the bottom that says "Add Platform"

Once selected, choose "Page Tab". You will now need to fill in your store URL under "Secure Page Tab URL" and what you want to call your page tab under "Page Tab Name". Your store URL can either be your CloudWaitress subdomain such as "https://yourdomain.cloudwaitress.com" or your custom domain name if setup.

Add The Page Tab to Your Facebook Page

To complete this step you will need your Facebook App ID which you will see highlighted in orange in the previous photo at the top of the page.

Once you have that, you need to visit type the following URL into your browser making sure to replace "{{YOUR_APP_ID}}" with your Facebook app ID and "{{YOUR_STORE_URL}}" with your store URL that you entered previously.


If done correctly, you will see a page on Facebook saying "Add Page Tab" and you will be able to select one of your Facebook pages to add it too.

Once added visit your Facebook page to see your custom page tab.

Arrange Your Tabs

You can re-order your Facebook page tabs by heading to your page, select "Settings" from the top right and then "Edit Page" from the left menu. Scroll down to see your tabs and re-arrange them.