iOS & Android Apps

Last updated 7 months ago

With our native mobile app solution, we are able to package your online store into your own custom branded mobile application. This application is compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

How To Get A Custom App

  1. Make sure your online ordering system is setup correctly and loaded with all your menus & dishes

  2. Contact us using our live-chat and let us know that you would like us to start the app creation process for you

  3. We will request at minimum one high-resolution or scalable version of your business logo along with any other digital graphics such as backgrounds

  4. We will create and send you pictures of your app icon and splash screen for you to approve

  5. Once approved, we will create and publish your app within 5 days

Limitations & Specifics

All our custom apps are simply a web browser with the website pre-set as your online store. This means your users will receive the same experience as they would by just visiting the website. It’s important to state that most companies offering custom apps are actually doing this.

There is a very important reason for doing this. If we were to offer a fully native mobile application that is not just a website, whenever we release an update to our platform, we would need to re-compile every custom application and everyone would have to re-publish their apps.

Given how rapidly we are adding new updates, this would very quickly become impractical. As such we are limited to doing it this way. One of the downsides that come with this approach is that there is no offline access. Users must have an internet connection for your app to work.

While an app can be tremendously useful, consider that it takes a considerable effort to set up and promote. It’s only something that should be used if you are confident that you will actually promote it and put it to use.