Last updated 7 months ago

Promotions are discount codes that you can create and distribute that provide either a fixed a percent based discount on a customers order. Promotion codes only apply to a customers cart total, not their order total which includes taxes (unless your price is tax inclusive) and other fees.

Promotions can be created under the "Promotions" menu in the admin interface.

How Promotions Work

Once you create a promotion and a code for it, you can provide it to your customers. Customers can then add this promotion to their cart before checking out as shown below.

Promotion Settings


A unique name for your promotion. Will be shown to your customers if they enter the code in the cart.


The actual unique promo code that your customers will need to enter to receive the discount.

Promotion Type & Value

You can create promotions that either provide a fixed value discount, e.g. $5 off. You can also create promotions that provide a percent based discount, e.g. 25% off.

Max Uses

Setting this will restrict the total amount of times a promotion can be used by all customers. After this limit is reached, the promo will no longer be valid.

Once Per Person

Toggling this option will set a cookie on the user's device that prevents the promo code from being re-used.

Minimum Order Amount

This will restrict the promo code to orders only above a certain value.

Valid Dates

Restrict the promotion to certain dates

Valid Times

Restrict the promotion to certain times of the day


Once created, a promotion is set to active. It can be disabled at any-time using the action drop-down on the promo row under the view tab.