Staff Accounts

Last updated 7 months ago

Staff accounts is a powerful feature that allows you to create a custom login username and password for your employees. These accounts can be restricted to access only certain pages of the admin dashboard.

We do recommend business owners always use a staff account for their main on-premise device used to manage orders. A staff member with full access to the admin interface can cause some serious damage to your restaurant by adding incorrect information, deleting your menu etc.

Creating Staff Accounts

Simply navigate to the "Staff" page on the left navigation bar on the admin interface. Here you can create, edit and delete staff accounts.

Every staff account has the following properties.


Enter a unique username that your staff member will use to log in. Must be alpha-numeric, 5 characters minimum with no spaces. The following special characters are allowed "_ -". We recommend a username in the following format - 'store_name.username'. Usernames must be unique across our entire platform.


A password for your staff account. Minimum length is 6 characters.

Allowed Pages

This controls which pages your staff member will be able to access. If nothing is selected, it is assumed that all pages are accessible.

Staff Login

Staff accounts log in from the same login that admin accounts login but they must select "Staff" instead of "Owner".‚Äč

Useful Extras

Under the staff page in the admin dashboard, you can view some stats for your staff accounts by clicking on the account in the table.

Currently, you can see the total number of times a staff has logged into their account along with when their last login took place.