Dashboard Overview

Last updated 7 months ago

Your online dashboard, otherwise known as the admin interface is where you manage your store and orders. All the various menus are accessible through the left navigation bar. Below is an overview of all the various menus available to you and an overview of them

Dashboard Displays basic reports about the number of orders and sales placed at your online store

Orders The order management interface is where you will be able to view, manage and fulfill orders placed at your online store

Bookings The booking management interface where you can view, manage and fulfill table booking requests

Locations Create and manage your store locations. Each location can have different opening hours and printing configurations

Menus Create and edit your menus, categories, dishes and option sets. See the "Setting Up Your Menu" article for more info.

Staff Create accounts for your staff members that limit their access to only certain parts of the admin interface

Promotions Create and manage promo codes for your store that provide customers with a discount

Basic Settings Manage all your business details & online store settings such as what orders you will accept, delivery conditions, store design etc.

Advanced Settings Additional settings related to your store and how the system works

Billing Here you can view your account status, change your subscription, add a payment method and cancel your account

View Store This button takes you to your online ordering website. All the changes made on the admin interface will be reflected here

Support If you are confused about something, the support page can point you in the right direction or help you get in touch with us

Status Bar

The top status bar provides you with some very useful information. Below is an explanation from left to right about what they mean

Unseen Order Indicators This is the number of unseen orders and bookings currently. This means orders or booking requests that you need to attend to. This will automatically update every time a customer places an order or a booking.

Account Status This is your current account status. An account in trial is yellow, green is active and red is cancelled.

Connection Indicator This indicates your connection status with our server. If red, you will no longer be receiving orders in real-time.