Reseller Accounts

Last updated 5 months ago

The CloudWaitress reseller account is intended for businesses which want to re-sell our online ordering system to their customers under their own brand name and at their own prices.

With a reseller account, you will get access to your own white-labeled and customized online admin interface hosted under your own domain. Any customer accounts created through this admin interface will be tagged under your main reseller account. These accounts are not tied into the CloudWaitress billing system at all and they will not receive any marketing e-mail from us. While you manage the billing of your customers, we will only bill you.

Whats Included

Online Admin Interface

The online admin interface we provide is the exact same as the one found on our website at, but as stated it is modified to your business and any references to CloudWaitress are stripped out. Any customer accounts created through your admin portal will be tagged as part of your reseller account. This admin interface is also where your customers will go to manage their account information and orders. This can be hosted at any domain name of your choice.

Custom Domain Name Integration

Under CloudWaitress, all new accounts can select a subdomain name under the main '' domain. As part of your reseller account, all online stores created will instead be assigned a sub-domain under your custom domain name.

Comprehensive Support

All our resellers can attest to the level of commitment we put into supporting them and their customers. We work very closely with them and see to it that they always get the support required. We provide near 24/7 support and will help you manage your system and clients. We also regularly take new feature requests.

Access To All Platform Updates

Every update and fix that we release will be automatically added to your configuration and sites so you will always have the most up to date system.

Personalized System Customizations

Here are some of the things we can customize for you

  • Login / signup logo

  • Application name

  • Disable website sign up’s

  • Auto-verify email addresses

  • Pre-set store design & settings

  • Customize support page with your details

  • Custom chat widget (you will need your own 3rd party chat widget for us to integrate)


Domain Name

You will need at least one domain name to set up a reseller account. A domain name is used to host your admin dashboard application and your customer's online stores. For example, the admin interface can be located at "" and all your online stores can be found at "(name)". You can also use a separate domain for each part of the system if you like.

Support E-mail Address

We require one support email address to white-label all support and system emails sent to customers when things like new orders are placed. If this is not provided, your customers will receive emails from "". Please note, Gmail, Hotmail and other e-mail hosting providers will not work well for this. A custom domain email will work best.

Wildcard SSL Certificate (Optional)

When you create a custom account, you will need to choose a unique subdomain name under your custom domain name to host their store initially. After this is set, the first time a user opens their store URL, our server will create and store an SSL certificate for that specific domain using Lets Encrypt. As such, we are limited by their certificate issuing limits which are 20 certificates per base domain per week. If more than 20 certificates are requested within the week, any new customer subdomains will not be secured by SSL and therefore will not work to prevent security issues.

This might not be an issue for anyone who isn’t going to create many accounts very quickly. Otherwise, it's best to invest in a wildcard SSL which we can install on our server to secure all subdomain names under your main domain. If you know what you are doing, contact us and we can provide you a CSR to get your SSL certificate which you can then provide to us. Otherwise opt-in for our wildcard SSL addon and let us sort it all out for you.

Billing System

You will need a way to bill your clients as their subscription is not managed by us. Consider using a software such as or you can even do it manually.

How Much Does It Cost

There is no setup fee but there is an initial deposit required before setting up your reseller account. Please see the next section for details on the deposit.

Reseller pricing consists of two things. The number of accounts you have and the number of orders being processed each month.

For the first cost, you will need to pay a $5 flat monthly fee for every restaurant account created under your reseller account.

Second, you will pay a monthly fee based on the amount of orders processed each month between all of your restaurant accounts. This price is the same as the prices outlined on our pricing page.

For example, here is a rough price breakdown if you had 50 restaurants with an average of 300 orders a month per location.

  • 50 Restaurant Accounts = $250 monthly

  • 10,000 Orders (Enterprise plan) = $200 monthly

  • Total = $250 monthly

With our enterprise plan, for any order past 10,000 orders, the cost is $0.05 per order. If you a processing a much higher volume than our enterprise plan, contact us for custom pricing options.


Before we setup your reseller account, we require a $500 USD deposit up front. This deposit will be credited to your reseller account. Your initial monthly payments will be deducted from your deposit until it is finished. After this, we will bill your credit card on a monthly basis.


The main restriction with the reseller account is that cannot have resellers further reselling the CloudWaitress platform.

Set-Up Process

On average, it takes 2 days to complete the reseller account setup process provided you have all the requirements detailed above ready. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Contact us and we will send you the online reseller sign up form

  2. Complete the form and we will email you requesting your billing information along with the initial deposit.

  3. Once the deposit is confirmed, we will configure your reseller account and provide you with the necessary details to configure your web domain and to setup the platform (we can do this for you if needed)

  4. After this, you can review your setup, create a demo account and make any post set up modifications


Difference between standard accounts and accounts created under your reseller account

Reseller customer accounts do not have any subscription with CloudWaitress. This means they do not receive any bills, invoices or charges from us.

Reseller customer accounts are not tied into our mailing systems meaning they do not receive any marketing / help emails from us.

What should I charge my customers?

We want to have a mutually beneficial relationship with our resellers. We see our role as being able to provide a reliable and robust online ordering system that is always being improved. The role of the reseller lies in the implementation and packaging of the system for restaurants, cafes and other venues.

To avoid the issue of your clients potentially being upset at a difference in pricing from resellers and CloudWaitress itself, it's best to take a value-added pricing approach. What this means is find ways to add value on top of the bare online ordering system. For example, you can offer packages that include system setup, facebook ad designs, printers, staff training, ongoing support and much more.