Release Notes

Last updated 7 months ago

29th July 2018

  • Google auto-translate and language selection added to admin dashboard

28th July 2018

  • New automated time till ready settings accessible through the cog icon in the orders page. Easily set the ready in or delivery time for orders due ASAP

  • Orders now confirmed instantly if "Time Till Confirmed" setting in automated statuses is set to a value of 0

26th July 2018

  • PushPrinter version 2.2.0 now supports multiple API keys from one PC. That means you can print kitchen and customer receipts from one printer

  • Automated order statuses will now update orders that are placed for a later time

  • Added store location name to customer and restaurant new order email notification

10th July 2018

  • Added "Today" report filter

  • Updated iOS app for better performance

  • Update Android app to use newer SDK version

  • Add support for per location PayPal configuration

  • Add option to disable tolls and highways from delivery add

  • Bug fixes

25th June 2018

  • Custom payment labels for cash, card and Stripe payment methods

  • Print receipt customization improved. You can now re-order any of the details in the top section and disable specific details from being printed.

21st June 2018

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