Last updated 7 months ago

These settings can be found under the "Store > General" page in the admin dashboard.

Store Name

Your store / business display name used throughout the system.


Your tag line or slogan that is displayed under your logo or restaurant name. It is optional.

Store Email

If entered, the contact form on your online ordering system will be activated and messages will be forwarded to this email.

Store Langauge & Locale

This will determine the default language and locale for your online store. The locale is also known as a region, e.g. AU, GB, US, CA. Different regions generally format their dates, times and currencies differently. It's best to select your region to ensure that everything is formatted in a way that is aligned with local cultural representations there are no confusions with your customers. For example in the US, the format for dates is "month-day-year" and in Australia, it is "day-month-year". If you do not see your locale on the list, let us know and we will add it for you.


Your timezone is used to accurately calculate all your timings. Please ensure you select the correct timezone otherwise all your system timings will be incorrect.


This is your default store currency which is used to determine your display currency and accurately handle financial calculations. Once you have set your currency, please enter all your prices exactly as you would for your respective currency. If you change your currency after entering your prices, it's best to re-enter all your prices.


Create all the applicable sales taxes for your business. You can create as many taxes as needed. Taxes can also be compounding if needed.

Tax In Prices

If you have a taxes, toggling this option means that all the prices you have entered in the system include the cost of the tax. If this option is left unchecked, an additional tax fee based on your tax rates will be added to the final price of all your orders.

Store Age Limit

If a value is entered, customers will need to confirm that they are above this age when they visit your website. They will also be required to tick an additional box confirming their age before checkout.

Disable Online Ordering

If you want to completely shut off all orders, you can enable this option. This will remove the "Order Online" button from your website.