Managing Orders

Last updated 8 months ago

Once the orders begin coming in, you need to be ready to fulfill them. It's important that you make a few in-store changes for everything to operate smoothly. You will also need to make a few decisions on how you will receive and manage orders.

If you are not familiar with the system at all, we highly recommend watching our short video demo on how orders are received and managed. This video should give you a good overview of how it all works.

Receiving Orders

Using A Tablet or PC

Currently, the only way to fully manage orders is through the online dashboard. You will need to use either a mobile device, tablet or computer in store connected to the internet to receive your orders.

We highly recommend using a Windows laptop or tablet with either chrome or firefox for the greatest compatibility.

Another thing to keep in mind is you will need a stable internet connection. Ideally, you have a wifi connection in-store and if that fails you can switch to mobile data via 3/4G.

Finally, this device will need to be placed in an area where whoever is going to be responsible for online orders can easily check, access and update orders.

For complete details on hardware requirements and recommendations, please read the appropriate support article

Order Management Interface

Once logged in, you can view the orders interface at the "Orders" page. The interface updates in real-time so you do not need to refresh the page.

The orders table provides you an overview of your latest orders 10, 25, 50 or 100 orders. There are some important things about the orders interface to keep in mind.

  1. You can easily see whether an order is a pickup or delivery by the icon on the left. The truck icon indicates delivery and the bag icon indicated pick-up.

  2. The color of the icon and left border is a representation of the order's current status.

  3. A row contains an order number, customer name, and a few basic details

  4. The right 3 dots on each row provide access to some quick functions to update an order.

  5. You can change the number of orders displayed by clicking on the results displayed option.

  6. You can navigate to the next and previous page with the arrow icons and view your current page with the text between the icons.

Viewing An Order's Details

Once you select an order, you will see a popup showing you the details of your order. This will remove the unseen gray background and update the unseen indicator. There are 3 tabs, details, customer and order. These will provide you with the information you need to complete the order.

There are also two functions you can use.

  1. Change Status - update the order status, to the next or previous stage

  2. Time till ready - update on the customer's receipt how long till the order is ready

Printing Orders

Orders can also be printed easily to any printer including thermal receipt printers. To access this feature, you will need a printer that is compatible with a Windows PC. This will then need to be configured using an external software called PushPrinter to print orders automatically or on demand through the order management interface. Read about how printing works in the printing support article.

Email notifications

Under the "Locations" page, you can edit your location to configure email notifications for up to 3 emails. This can be used to receive emails of new orders and also notify your customer via email of their new order.

What Happens When An Order Is Placed

Every time a new order is received 3 things will happen.

  1. A sound notification will play if your device is active

  2. If device notifications are enabled, you will receive one even when your device is on standby mode

  3. If automated printing is configured, the order will be printed at the respective printer

  4. Your unseen orders indicator in the top right corner will be updated

  5. If you are on the orders interface, you will see the new order notification slide down (see image below)

Simply press the refresh button to load the new orders into your view.

Device Notifications

We highly recommend that you have device notifications enabled if your device supports it. It is supported by Windows, Mac, Android and many others. iOS is not supported, unfortunately.

When you first log into CloudWaitress, you would have been asked for notification permissions if supported by your browser and device. If you accepted this request, then they are already enabled. Otherwise, you will need to manually enable them for CloudWaitress from your device browser provided your device is compatible with this feature. This is different for every browser.

For chrome on a PC, you can do this by clicking the secure lock icon beside the website URL in the address bar. This will drop down the permissions window where you can enable notifications for the current page you are on.

Unseen Orders

When an order is first received, it is considered unseen. Exactly the same way an email inbox works. Unseen orders have a gray background as seen by the image below. Your total unseen orders can be seen at the top right bell icon.

Fulfilling An Order

To manage your orders, it's best that you learn about the different order statuses available. It's highly recommended that you update order statuses as you work towards fulfilling them. While they are semi-optional, making sure to confirm orders and mark them as complete is crucial. You can read the status support article for more info.

Once you receive a new order, it's best to check it ASAP and see what the details are. From here you can either confirm or cancel the order. If the order is going to be ready in the next 60 minutes, we recommend you set the time till ready to let the customer know.

Depending on your existing workflow, you may need to do the following

  1. Select the new order, go to the orders tab and print the screen and only the first page to get a copy of the order. Alternatively write down the order manually

  2. Pass to the kitchen to prepare the order

  3. Once the order is ready, update the status from confirmed to ready

  4. If the order is a delivery, you can now check the address and deliver the order. If pickup, you would wait for the customer to pick up the order.

  5. Finally, when the customer has received the order and payment has been confirmed, the order can be set to complete.

Inform Your Staff

Implementing an online ordering system if you have never done so before requires some changes. Most importantly all staff must be aware that new orders can come through and must be attended to. Initially, it might be easy to forget orders can be placed online and may go unattended. To help you avoid this, by default sound notifications are enabled, this will play when new orders are placed as long as you are logged into the dashboard. Make sure to keep your device volume turned up.

Filtering / Searching Orders

If you would like to find a specific order or set of orders, you can use the filters button on the top of the orders table. You can search for orders matching a particular number, name, phone or email. You can also filter between locations, order types and statuses.