Getting Started
Learn how to get started and work with our reseller platform. Learn how to set up new accounts and manage your restaurants

Starting The Setup Process

    We will setup your billing account and contact you for the deposit
    Once the deposit is paid, we will set up your account
    Finally, we will provide you instructions to connect your domain to your reseller platform

Understanding The Reseller Platform

Your reseller platform consists of 3 parts
    Admin dashboard - located at
    Online stores - located at
    Landing pages - located at

Accounts, Organizations & Restaurants

To work with the reseller platform, it's important to understand the structure of accounts. Every account created under your reseller platform is an organization. When you create an account, the email address you register it with is the admin user of that organization.
An organization can have one or more restaurants under it. Each of these restaurants has their own online store website. Every organization can have a single landing page website that links to all the restaurants within that organization.
Organizations can also have staff accounts that have access restricted to particular restaurants and particular functions.

The Ideal Way To Setup New Clients

We recommend that for every new business that you work with, you create them their own account. All their store branches should be added as restaurants under this single account. Managers of each branch can be given their own staff account with access to just that store branch.

Creating New Accounts

You can create new accounts through the signup form on your admin dashboard. Any accounts created from here will be part of your main reseller account. Their online stores and landing pages will have your branding on them, not ours.
When we set up your reseller platform, we would have either enabled or disabled e-mail verification depending on how you plan to set up your customers.
If e-mail verification is enabled, the user email that you signed up with will receive a 5-6 digit code that must be entered in the account creation process.
If e-mail verification is disabled, this 5-6 digit code will be sent to your support e-mail address instead of the e-mail address you created your account with.
You can use your reseller password in the e-mail confirmation code field to bypass the verification process
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