Printing - API Key

How to setup your API key. This is used to connect your online printing configuration to your PushPrinter application and receipt printer.

1. Login to your CloudWaitress account at and go to Settings>System>Receipt Printing>Create Printer.

2. Name the printer, ideally use the same name as the settings in PushPrinter to avoid confusion. We also recommend turning on 'Auto Print Orders' and 'Auto Print Bookings'.

3. Now select 'Printer Settings' and make sure that;

  • 'Printing Method' - is set to ESCPOS

  • 'ESCPOS Printing Type' - is set to 'ESCPOS Image'.

NOTE - In the case that your printer doesn't support image printer (not printing correctly or printing very slowly) Please change this to 'ESCPOS Text Only'.

4. Scroll to the bottom on the screen and press the 'Save' button.

5. Then highlight the API key > right click > copy to clipboard.

6. Paste the API key into the relevant API field in PushPrinter.

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