Customize Your Design
When you first create your restaurant, the default theme is relatively blank. It's up to you to customise it to represent your brand. Design settings are located under the settings page in the design
Design video tutorial

How To Customize Your Design

    Visit the restaurant settings page and go to the design tab
    Press "Open Design Mode" to open up the site design editor
    Go through each of the setting sections and customize options as needed

Quickstart Recommendation

To get a great looking site quickly, just use our base theme, add your logo and add a nice header background image. It also helps to have a nice header title and subtitle.
|| We recommend using a PC or tablet to design your site for the best experience

Recommend Images Dimensions

    Logo image - 300 pixels wide by 100 pixels high wide
    Header image - 1920 pixels wide by 500 pixels high
    Logo icon - 350 by 350 pixel square
Last modified 2yr ago