🔐Stripe+ Integrated Payments

Learn how to setup our integrated Stripe payments feature, allowing you to manage your payments, refunds and payouts inside of your admin page.

About Stripe

You can accept credit cards, Google pay and Apple pay online using Stripe. It is currently supported in numerous countries with a variety of currencies, which can be checked here.

About the Stripe+ Feature

Get the most from your online ordering system and enable Stripe+ to unlock multiple additional features inside your account.

Benefits of using our Stripe+ solution are as follows;

  • See more detail - full details of your payments right inside of your ordering dashboard.

  • Partial refunds - in addition to full refunds, you can action partial refunds right from an order.

  • Payout reports - Download detailed payout reports from your dashboard.

  • Payments Screen - Additional payments summary screen for better visibility of your payments.

  • Managed fraud protection - proactive management by our team to review, update and manage existing and potential fraud threats.

  • Industry Specific - Custom Fraud protection rules built for the hospitality industry.

  • Get paid features for free - Premium Stripe Radar features enabled on your account without the additional costs.

  • Bot management - Additional features to proactively reduce the growing threat of malicious bots.

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