Learn how to manage your white-labelled support documentation for your clients

Creating Your Support Documentation

  1. Visit and create an account

  2. Go to and press the fork button on the top right to create your own copy under your account

  3. Visit and register an account

  4. Create your first documentation space

  5. In your documentation space, using the left navigation bar, select integrations (cube icon)

  6. Enable github in the integrations list. Select list all repositories, login to your github account and select your forked "cw-docs" repository that you acquired from the previous steps

  7. Next, select "Sync master branch only" and continue

  8. Then select "I write my content on github"

  9. After this, your forked documentation repository will be synced over to gitbook

  10. At this point, you can follow the editing steps below to make changes

Editing Your Support Documentation

  1. Visit and login to your account

  2. Select your documentation site

  3. Press the edit icon button on the bottom right

  4. Make any changes as needed

  5. Once done, press the save button on the bottom right

  6. On the left nav bar, you will see an active draft with a blue button saying "Merge"

  7. Press merge to update the docs with the draft changes just made