Customer Accounts

Learn about the different types of customer accounts available and how they work within the platform

Customers include people who have placed an order at your online store or signed up for an account. From the restaurant perspective, it's about being able to track and understand your customers. For customers, having an account means their information is saved permanently across devices. This includes delivery details, customer info and past orders. This information will be used to pre-fill as many steps of their ordering process for a smoother repeat purchase experience.

Types Of Customers

Guest Customers

Guest customers are created whenever an order is placed by a user who has not signed in. We attempt to track guest customers by matching their name, phone and email address. When a guest places an order, if those 3 pieces of information match any past customers, the old customer will be updated instead of a new one being created.

Logged In Customers

A logged in customer is anyone who has used the login / sign up button to create an account. When a customer signs up for the first time their details are logged into your customer dashboard. Any subsequent logins or orders will also update their details. Customers who log in will have their order history permanently accessible to them.

Customers create accounts using:

  • E-Mail

  • Facebook

  • Google


pageSetup Facebook Login

Caveats & Known Issues

  • Google and Facebook log in cannot be used on a mobile app as they have disabled it from being used in such a medium.

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