Uber Direct Setup Manual


To enable Uber deliveries, the restaurant should have all the following:

  • Stripe Connect

  • Restaurant from the following countries:

    • Australia

    • New Zealand

Enabling Uber

Uber DaaS is a reliable and convenient way to get your food delivered quickly and efficiently. Here's how to enable it:

  1. On the Admin Dashboard, click Settings > Integrations and find the Uber Delivery Management card and click on it.

  1. A popup will open and fill up the information. Click Save.

  1. Set Uber as Default Delivery

Once you have enabled Uber DaaS, you can select the Default Delivery Provider in the Settings > Services > Deliveries (as shown in the image below)


  • Make sure that your Map Data Source is Google Maps. Go to Settings > System > Location > Map Data Source.

  • Currency must match the country’s location and Uber country availability. Go to Settings > System > General > Currency.

  • Uber requires valid phone number from your store (Must have the country code). Go to Settings > System > Location > Phone Number.

Checkout Details

Once a customer checkout an order, the Uber (if set as the Default Delivery Provider in Admin Dashboard) will be displayed as the Delivery Provider.

The Delivery Estimation will provide the:

Delivery Provider - which is Uber

Estimated Fee - the total fee

Tips - entered by the user and will be sent to the Uber driver directly

Estimated Delivery Time - time from now to drop off

The acceptable Payment Method will be the following:

Credit Card - if enabled and with Stripe Connect account ID provided

Apple Pay | Google Pay (Stripe) - if enabled

Order Workflow

Once the customer made the order, in Admin Dashboard, the order’s thumbnail will be replaced to the Uber logo (denoting that it will use Uber)



The order SHOULD go through to the CONFIRMED status to trigger the Uber delivery request.

Once the order is set to CONFIRMED, the Delivery Tracking URL will be available both in the ADMIN and the CUSTOMER.

Order: READY

It is expected that the driver is still on route to the restaurant or is waiting in the restaurant.



If the Order is cancelled (initiated by the customer or the store), the Uber delivery will be automatically cancelled as well

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