Pause Ordering Feature

It is sometimes too busy at the restaurant/store and you need to stop accepting online orders. Use this simple feature and temporarily pause online orders.

Temporary Pause Online Ordering

if your store is temporarily closed during normal business hours, you can use this feature to suspend online and mobile app orders. When customers try to place an order, a message will show that your store is currently closed.

When you pause online ordering, your platform will not allow any connected devices to place an order. This feature is effective instantly and will be automatically undone after the set time. If your store is permanently closed on a certain day, set closed hours instead

Steps :

  1. On the Admin Dashboard, click on the Order Icon

  1. Click on "Pause Services"

  1. Set services you want to pause and how many minutes

  1. Click on "Resume Services" if you are ready to accept online orders again even prior to the time set.

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