Setting Up Your Menu

Last updated 8 months ago

To accept orders online, you need to setup your online menu. This can take some time depending on the size. You can create all the different parts of a menu under the "Menus" tab in the main admin dashboard.

General Menu Setup Process

This is the general order that we recommend working in to create your online menus.

  1. Create all your categories

  2. Create all your dishes for each of your categories

  3. Create option sets if required and add them to your dishes

  4. Create your menus and add all your categories to them

We recommnd you start by creating one of each thing first to see how they all work and familiarize yourself with the process before starting.

Learn In Depth How Menus Work

We recommend reading our in-depth guide on how menus, dishes, categories and option sets work at‚Äč

Common Menu Problems

No menu or categories showing under store For your menu to display in your online store properly, make sure to add at least one category to it. Likewise for your categories to display properly, make sure you have at least 1 dish in that category.

Unoptimized Images We use progressive image loading to ensure a smooth user experience. To do this we must create a secondary low-resolution image of the initial one you upload. If you upload high-quality images, this means your store will take a long time to fully load especially if you have 100+ images. Given that the maximum image width is only 500px, it's best to make sure all your images are no wider than that. Ensure you also use an image optimizer such as before uploading your images.