Store Terms & Conditions

Last updated 7 months ago

You can find your store T&C settings under the "Basic Settings > Store Terms & Conditions" page in the admin dashboard.

All businesses should have certain terms, conditions and policies in place to help deal with a variety of common situations such as customers requesting refunds. To make this as easy as possible for you, we have set up common pre-defined sections for you to fill on your information settings page.

Note that most sections have an example button. Clicking this pre-fills the box with a helpful example which you can use or modify to suit your needs. Please bear in mind that these may not be comprehensive enough to cover your business. The examples are also not to be considered official legal text. We highly recommend creating your own custom terms which abide by your countries respective legalities.

Filling at least one of the respective information fields will enable an 'Agree to Terms' checkbox at your store checkout